Virginia Loc is one of the protagonists in the series Claws, played by Karrueche Tran. She briefly replaces Polly before the events of the show and, soon, becomes a part of Desna's crew.

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Virginia is a woman of medium height and slim build. She possesses golden brown skin and blond hair that stretches midway down her back.

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Arriving at the salon, Virginia annouces her presence, saying that she must have missed the welcome back party. The women eventually disperse and prepare for the day. When Roller arrives at the salon, Desna lets Virginia take over with coating a customer's nails. After a quick sex session in the backroom, Desna returns and converses with Polly and Jenn on making another run of laundering. Virginia tries to intervene, being met with a slightly irritated Desna that directs her in the back. She tells her that if help was needed, it would be asked for and to not interject into business that was not her own. While Jenn and Desna left the shop, Virginia turns to Polly, questioning her on her whereabouts prior. Polly lies, answering that she took a vacation away. A glance down, Virginia sees the ankle monitor on Polly's foot before leaving her be.


When Desna arrives to Roller's new house, Virginia hides behind curtains. After Desna leaves, she engages in intercourse with Roller throughout the night. The next morning, she lies in bed, while Roller speaks to Desna in a call, informing her that Virginia will be there eventually and that the women need to make peace with her.

Upon entering the salon, the women give her a faux greeting. Virginia sits at her station, reading a magazine as Desna stands angrily before her. Unaware of what was to happen, Virgina is knocked to the floor by Desna, being told to leave the salon. Though defiant, she is, then, smashed back into the wall by Jennifer and dragged into the parking lot by her hair. She rests on the ground as Desna scolds her for sleeping with Roller and disrespecting her. Virginia tries to convince them that she was helping but is dismissed and told to leave. Desna warns to stay away from Roller.

Some time later, Virginia and Roller are in deep in sexual intercourse when she begins to cry out, telling him to stop choking her. The two eventually separate when Desna knocks a pot over, alerting them of her presense. Visibly bruised and shakened, she covers herself and scurries back into Roller's house to be clothed. When Desna attempts to drown Roller, he emerges from the pool is begins to punch her before a gunshot rings. Standing shakingly was Virginia, hands clutching the gun before resting her arms to side. Desna turning to her, Virginia asks, "Now, am I in your little crew?"

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"Now, am I in your little crew?" --Virginia, to Desna. (Tirana)
"Sure, whatever." --Virginia, to Desna. (Funerary)
"I am too cute for prison." --Virginia, to Desna. (Batsh*t)

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  • She seems to have a mild obsession over pork rines. (Funerary)
  • Virginia is unable to consume hot or heated foods. After learning this fact, Dean believes she may fall along the autism spectrum, though this has not be confirmed. (Funerary, Ambrosia)
  • Virginia is able to speak Vietnamese. (Quicksand)

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