Season One of Claws.


From Warner Horizon Scripted Television, Claws follows the rise of five diverse and treacherous manicurists working at the Nail Artisan of Manatee County, where a lot more is going on besides silk wraps and pedicures. The series stars Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Judy Reyes, Karrueche Tran, Jenn Lyon, Jack Kesy, Kevin Rankin, Jason Antoon with Harold Perrineau and Dean Norris.


Arriving at Palmetto Plaza, excited for the approaching New Year, Desna Simms, Jennifer Husser, and Quiet Ann prepared for another busy day at Nail Artisan of Manatee County. The trio also throw a surprise for a released Polly Marks, whom joins them in their cheers and confetti until the arrival of her replacement Virginia Loc enters and makes a comment. Packed, the salon receives a visit from Roller Husser; Desna engaged in sex while the two conversed on the bonus that was promised from Uncle Daddy. Before leaving, Roller requested she make another stop at the clinic and launder its earnings for them. As Desna and Jennifer collected the clinic's earning, Kenneth Brickman warned her of the Russian men that sat idly in the lobby, despite her informing him to tell Roller. With Ann outside with the van, the women left, counted, recorded, and deposited the money to several banks in the area.

Afterwards, Desna took a tour of her future nail salon in Sarasota before returning home, where she found her brother Dean Simms' drawings of their soon-to-be dream house. She tucks him to bed for the evening, performing their usual ritual. Later, Desna goes back to Nail Artisan, where Ann and Jennifer traveled to She She's, while Polly walked to her apartment, drank and watched wrestling. Meanwhile, Roller spoke to Uncle Daddy once more about Desna's bonus, but the conversation changed to Roller's reward for the mafia's operations. The women are surprised by the arrival of Polly at the part and commented on Ann leaving them for Beth, whom she engaged in sexual activity. Uncle Daddy makes an annoucement on stage, celebrating New Years and the successes of the year before pulling Desna aside and gifted her less than expected. Upset, she becomes cold towards Roller, expressing her distaste for being stuck in working further for the mafia. She, soon, chooses to leave.

Shopping at a store, Jennifer found Polly weeping in the corner and tries to comfort her, learning Polly had to repay the money she stole before prison. Jennifer informed Desna of this and of Roller's new house, distaught over the unfair spread of wealth. She quickly learns that Virginia has been pursuing her lover as well as informing him of Polly's parole status. Kicking her out of the salon, Desna and the women taunted her and warned her to stay away from Roller Husser. Mandy Heiser phones Desna afterwards and informed her that she was late on her deposit, forcing her to come to Clay Husser about her bonus. With no avail, she continued her usual day until Kenneth tells her of the Russian men again; She and Ann went to the clinic, where building frustration leaves an unnerved Desna threatening the men to leave.

The next working day, Desna splits her bonus between the women; she pulled Polly aside and informed her to come to her with any problems that arises. Desna visits Roller's house, taking money from a baggage when she overhears Virginia begging Roller to stop choking her. Disgusted, Desna alerts them of her presence, allowing Virginia to leave while Roller lept into the pool and sat on the side. Threading his eyebrows, she questioned how he has been since moving into the house, to which he answered that he enjoyed it and made a sexual advance. She rejected, knocks him into the pool, and made an attempt to drown Roller. Briefly unconscious, he punches her and began to assault her further until Virginia fires a shot through his left chest, where he bled in the pool.


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Season One[1][2]
Title Director Writer Air Date Number
Tirana Nicole Kassell Eliot Laurence June 11, 2017 1x01
Funerary Howard Deutch Eliot Laurence June 18, 2017 1x02
Quicksand Howard Deutch Jamie Travis June 25, 2017 1x03
Fallout Victoria Mahoney Janine Sherman Barrois July 2, 2017 1x04
Batsh*t Howard Deutch Janine Sherman Barrois July 9, 2017 1x05
Self-Portrait Tricia Brock Leila Gerstein July 16, 2017 1x06
Escape Shira Piven Bruce Rasmussen July 23, 2017 1x07
Teatro Nicole Kassell Maisha Closson July 30, 2017 1x08
Ambrosia Marta Cunningham Jeff Augustin August 6, 2017 1x09
Avalanche Howard Deutch Eliot Laurence August 13, 2017 1x10

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