Sally Bates is a supporting character in Season One of Claws. Protrayed by Gina Torres, she is an old friend to Heather.

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Prior to the events of Season One, Sally met Polly (under the name Heather). The two spent some time with each other for a while. How they parted ways is never revealed.

In Fallout, she visits Nail Artisan and finds Polly working on a cilent's nails. The two have a gleeful embrace and converse over lost time. The women spoke on their one time spent in a hotel room with twins, engaging in sex.

Eventually, Sally and Polly agree to a match of tennis the next day. [...]

Sally is later seen engaged in erotic roleplay with her masked partner. She teases him for a moment until cheers and applause is heard from the floor above. When she sees Polly, she asks what they were doing in her place and what they wanted. After hearing their request for $15,000, she is appalled before she gives them what they have asked.

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