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Relevance is a minor character in Season One of Claws. She is revealed to be Virginia's roommate and co-worker at She She's. Angelica Ross plays as her character.

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Relevance answers the door to her shared apartment, assuming Desna was a saleswoman. When asked about Virginia, she tells Desna that she briefly came to the apartment and left again less than an hour later, never showing up again. Inviting Desna in, Relevance mentions that she is ill and has tried to clear her nose by nettie pot and that she used to dance with Virginia.

When Desna visits the empty apartment again, Relevance surprises her, asking what she was doing in their apartment. A frantic Desna asks if she knew where Virginia could be hiding, to whcih Relevance tries to disclose that there was a beach Virginia considered her happy place.[1]

Relevance converses with Virginia about the plumbing incident at Glint Nails and extra sex work for pay. When she tries to pull Virginia into doing some, she initially rejects the offer. However, Virginia decides to do so after being placed as an alternate in the NailPalm competition.[2]

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