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Quiet Ann is one of the protagonists in Claws, played by Judy Reyes. She is the janitor, masseuse and security to Desna's nail salon.


Early LifeEdit

Ann was born and raised in Palmetto, Florida, with one sibling. She had a daughter who she was forced to give up, named Sophia when she was very young. She is well educated and has a sour relationship with her brother, with neither sibling speaking to one another for quite some time.[1] While attending college, Ann had a sexual affair with her professor and their spouse, though it eventually grew bad.[2]

She soon became friends with Desna, Jennifer, and Polly, and was employed at Nail Artisan of Manatee County.

Before New YearsEdit

Getting a text, Ann leaves the crew to their dancing, meeting a woman named Beth outside her van. Immediately, the two engage in sex, Beth commenting on Ann's silence. Deep into the moment, she reach their peak, and New Year is reached.


Ann is often silent and expresses her words through eye gestures or physical interaction. The few times she speaks are often to people she trusts heavily or has built a connection with, whether that connection is platonic or romantic. Much about her character is a mystery. Her commonly calm and collected nature makes her trustworthy in serious situations, willing to leap into action and become violent to people that wish harm to her or the people she loves.

It is shown that she has gradually opened herself to those she develops a romantic attraction towards, as shown with her scenes with Arlene. The origin of Ann's personality could have stemmed from her family issues.



  • Parents
  • Brother
  • Sophia (daughter)




Appearances for Quiet Ann

Memorable QuotesEdit

Words are bullshit.
—Ann to Beth[src]
—Ann to Virginia Loc[src]
She rocks my word.
—Ann to Kenneth Brickman[src]
This isn't one of your bullshit stories, Polly! This is my life!
—Ann to Polly Marks[src]



  • Ann has spent some time in prison. For what offense is never explained. (Quicksand)
  • Ann possesses a bold vocabulary despite speaking little. She was able to assist Arlene in her crossword puzzle with only the term's definition. (Escape)



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