Polly Marks is one of the protagonists to the series Claws. She is a close friend to Desna and was away from the salon, being temporarily substituted with Virginia. Her character is played by Carrie Preston.

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Appearance Edit

Polly has a petite build, short in height, and has red, shoulder-length hair.

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Biography Edit

Prior to the events of Season One, Polly committed identity fraud, stealing funds from many elderly from a nursing house. During the time, she encountered and befriended Sally Bates, another woman that has conned an older man for money. After a while, Polly is compromised, arrested and jailed.

Season One Edit

Tirana Edit

Returning to Nail Artisan of Manatee County, Polly is given a surprise party for her release. After Virginia's arrival, the women prepare for another busy day in the salon. Roller pays the salon a visit, asking Polly how she was doing.


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Memorable Quotes Edit

"Do you want your cinnamon gum, hon?" --Polly, to Virginia. (Tirana)
"You don't pay a whore to bang. You pay her to leave." --Polly, to the girls. (Funerary)
"I'd rather be bougie than broke down." --Polly, to Desna. (Fallout)
"Sugar, please." --Polly. (Batsh*t)

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Polly is 45 years of age, though she denies this at first mention. (Tirana, Fallout)
  • Polly can speak some German, seen as she calms a German Shepherd. (Batsh*t)

References Edit

  1. Mentioned in a flashback in Ambrosia.

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