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Polly Marks is one of the protagonists to the series Claws. She is a close friend to Desna and was away from the salon, being temporarily substituted with Virginia. Her character is played by Carrie Preston.


Early LifeEdit

Polly committed identity fraud, stealing funds from many elderly from a nursing house. During the time, she encountered and befriended Sally Bates, another woman that has conned an older man for money. After a while, Polly is compromised, arrested and jailed.

During this time, Desna paid her visits. One visit, she tells Polly that she was right about joining in the operations, saying that one of the doctors had "retired" and that Roller had some sort of dark side she fears. Through the conversation, they tell each other that if something were to happen to them--their life were at risk--they would use the code phrase "ambrosia salad" to mean they needed help.

Before New YearsEdit

Returning to Nail Artisan of Manatee County, Polly is given a surprise party for her release. After Virginia's arrival, the women prepare for another busy day in the salon. Roller pays the salon a visit, asking Polly how she was doing.

Reunited with the PastEdit

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Much of Polly's personality is positive and upbeat, presenting herself as a "preppy" archetype. She often expresses love and shares her own insights learned throughout her life. She also tends to be a compulsive liar, shown to share untrue stories that skew from her actual background. It is unknown where she picks up her much darker side. Polly can become slightly aggressive and brazen in matters that display her loyalty to her friends and allies; willing to fabricate a crime or blackmail former acquaintances she feels have wronged her.



  • Otto Milton - Fake Husband




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Memorable QuotesEdit

Do you want your cinnamon gum, hon?
—Polly Marks to Virginia Loc[src]
Well, aren't you the Chattanooga Chatterbox today?
—Polly Marks to Quiet Ann[src]
You don't pay a whore to bang. You pay her to leave.
—Polly Marks[src]
I'd rather be bougie than broke down!
—Polly Marks to Desna Simms[src]
Sugar, please.
—Polly Marks to Virginia Loc[src]



  • Polly is 45 years of age, though she denies this at first mention.[2][3]
  • Polly can speak some German, seen as she calms a German Shepherd.[4]

Behind the SceneEdit



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