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Self-Portrait is the sixth episode of Season One to Claws. It aired on July 16, 2017, on TNT.


Desna and her ladies visit the new salon for the first time. They enter the Florida premier nail design competition for cash prizes. Virginia is feeling left out when she's named the alternate. Jennifer finds out one of Desna's dark secrets.



The women walk the sidewalks of Sarasota, reveling over the big change of their lives, as they continue down to their new salon Glint Nails. Upon entering the establishment, Ann rushes to the minibar, while Polly tries to get a feel of her new station. The Koreans that stand behind the counters, in their native tongue, ask which would be the new owner, commenting that Desna and her girls were all black in their eyes. Mrs. Kim walks in to introduce herself to Desna and tells her that putting the salon out of the market was for its protection.



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  • The episode title originates from one of the categories in the NailPalm competition.



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