April Kim is a minor character in Season One of Claws. She is the owner of Glint Nails and Desna's competition. Linda Park plays her character.

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April Kim is the owner of the nail salon Glint Nails in Sarasota. When Desna searches for a new salon to own and run for her girls, she interrogates with Mandy to convince Kim into selling it to her. April sends a scout to test her. Failing, April takes Glint Nails off the market.

This is temporary, as she reopens Glint to be bought, raising the price.[1] Desna accepts the deal, and the two finally meet. The two spare a bit and before leaving, she and her girls purposely clog the drains by filling a toilet with tampons. The next day, she encounters Desna and Virginia and briefly mentions NailPalm, while she and her girls were collecting their resources.

During the competition, she battles against several different teams, eventually being narrowed to hers [--] and Desna's Divas.[2]

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