Marnie is a minor character in Season One of Claws. She is the neighbor to Polly whom comes to her after the arrest of her unnamed mother. She is played by Morgan Lily.

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Marnie is a young woman that is neighbors with Polly and lives under the care of her mother. When she is arrested by the police, Marnie turns to Polly at the salon. The two spend some time together to comfort her and keep her mind off the arrest. They goes as far as invite Marnie to the renewal party, picking a elegant dress out for her to wear. Throughout the episode, she also conviences Polly to date Ken, giving him a chance in a little romance.[1]

Polly witnesses Marnie's Mother attempt to sell off Marnie to an Elvis impersonator. Quick to her feet, Polly grabs all the money she has in her possession and a fancy bag, hurrying to Marnie's Mother and buys Marnie away from an upset impersonator. It is unknown what was told to Marnie; Polly and Marnie escape to Polly's apartment, a scared Marnie weeping at the situation that had unfolded outside. Both Kenneth and Polly comfort her as she cried.[2]

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