Jennifer Husser is one of the protagonists in the series Claws. She is the best friend to Desna, the wife to Bryce, and an employer of Nail Artisan at Manatee County. She is protrayed by Jenn Lyon.

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Jennifer is best friends with Desna. The two have spent much of their lives togehter. After being trained how to stylize nails, she joined Desna in their search to be employed in a local nail salon, demanding that the both of them were given a job as manicurists.[1]

Some time later, she dated a man, whom soon went to prison for an unknown crime.[2] She developed an addiction to alochol and smoking after the birth of Brienne. Jennifer, soon, dated Bryce Husser, married, and had another daughter Baylor.

She joined the other women--Polly and Quiet Ann--and worked at Nail Artisan of Manatee County. One day, Jennifer introduced her brother in-law Roller Husser, whom sought Desna for his manicurist.[3]

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Jennifer is a complicated but often supportive figure to many of the closest people in her life. Having a close bond with her best friend Desna, she has been strongly close and cheery alongisde her, typically having their back through tough situations. Jenn is also caring and loving, especially to her family and children. When betrayed, she easily becomes cold towards those that she feels has wronged her. At some point, Jenn has used alcohol to relieve the stress or pains in her life, commonly struggling to fight relapse into alcoholism, having since recovered since her last binge.

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"Girl... can you get off the cross? We need the wood."
--Jennifer, to Desna. (Self-Portrait)

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