Hank Gluck is a minor character in Season One of Claws. Played by Hunter Burke, he has a notable friendship with Jennifer Husser after she struggles to gain her husband's attention.

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While it is unknown how long the two have known each other; Hank invites Jennifer to square dancing in the Messiac Jewish Cafeteria to help relieve stress from her husband operating in the clinic.[1]

When Jennifer becomes overwhelmed by Desna's secret, she invites Hank to square dance in the new house. The two, however, are interrupted by an unexpected visit from Desna. He leaves the two to speak.[2]

He pays the salon a visit to gift Jennifer with a boquet of flowers. Though Jenn wishes he could stay longer, Desna pushes for him to leave with Dean for coffee and to chat.[3]

Jennifer visits Gluck in the cafeteria to vent about Bryce becoming too focused on working for Uncle Daddy, visibly weeping tears. Without warning, Hank shares a kiss with her, pulling away for a moment before Jenn returns another.[4]

When the women search for Jenn, Desna finds her in Gluck's apartment. Learning that the Russians have kidnapped Brienne, he witnesses the women storm off, leaving him alone to his thoughts.[5]

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