Dr. Gregory Ruval is a supporting character in Season One of Claws. Protrayed by Jimmy Jean-Louis, he becomes the love interest of Desna Simms.

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Gregory Ruval is man of dark skin, stubble around his mouth, and dark brown eyes. He is tall in height and visibly bulk in shape.

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Seeing a frustrated Desna Simms at a shrimp stop, Ruval generously offers to pay for Desna's meal. The two introduce themselves before parting their ways.

Desna contacts him for a date. They spend their time on the pier. They converse about their pasts: Gregory tells her that he originally wished to be a break dancer, but after watching those around him die, he chose a field of medicine. Abruptly, Desna receives a call from Ken, forcing her to leave Gregory.

They agree to a second date at Desna's house. He is briefly acquainted with Polly and Ann before they leave. Desna and Gregory eat and speak more about their past--speaking about their previous relationships with others. They share a passionate kiss that breaks to another call for Desna, this one from Virginia. Though he expresses mild irritation, Gregory lets Desna go on with her errand and leaves.

After winning the NailPalm Competition, Gregory surprises Desna with flowers and asks if she would want to celebrate with drinks. He agrees to join her and the girls instead and is introduced to them each.

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Gregory pays Desna a visit one morning. He gifts her with flowers and shares a brief kiss, saying that he did not mind her morning breath. As Desna tries to convince him not to enter the house, Roller and Gregory share a glare before being properly introduced. The Hussers soon follow suit, all introducing themselves briefly before they leave.

Gregory questions Desna about Roller, asking about the two's relationship. He becomes pleased to hear that they are no more. They agree to contact each other later.

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With the Dixie Mafia absolved by Riva, Clay, Bryce, and Roller meet with the Haitians to orcastrate a plan to dethrone them. It is revealed that Gregory Ruval is the head of the operation.

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