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Fallout is the fourth episode of Season One of Claws. It was aired on July 2, 2017 on TNT.


Desna is haunted by recent events with Roller, which motivates her to try to spring from Uncle Daddy's control. Also, Bryce falls deeper into the Dixie Mafia; Polly reconnects with her former gold-digging friend; and Quiet Ann gets into a lady-mess.



As the women cheer on Polly, Bryce and Clay enter the nail salon from the back entrance, asking that Virginia come with them. Though Jenn asks Bryce what was happening, Uncle Daddy repeats himself one more time, warning that he never likes to ask twice. All the women follow them to the back, Desna telling Dean to stay put.

When they arrive in the back alley, they witness Bryce and Chip unload a beaten, formally-dressed man from the trunk. As the women stood shocked, Uncle Daddy asks if she remembers that man as her capturer. Visibly scared and shaky, Virginia tells him that he is not. Though he reveals that the man in question had a dispute with Roller two years prior, Virginia continues to protest that they have the wrong person; she is, then, demanded to ask questions to help jog her memory. The bruised accused tells her that his name was Mitchell Wilks and lived (address pending), which Polly comments that she used to live near there.

Pulling out a gun, the women gasp, Desna asking Clay to be merciful and to let the man and Virginia walk away. Uncle Daddy then tells her that he works for Titus, Mitchell correcting that he works for Titus (Tie-tus) Industries, not Tit-us. This proves fatal, as a gunshot rings out, killing the man instantly and leaving the women shrieking. Uncle Daddy tells the women to figure out whom murdered Roller and leaves the scene, Chip and Bryce carrying the body back into the trunk of the car.


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