Escape is the seventh episode of Season One of Claws. It aired on July 23, 2017, on TNT.

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The aftermath of a nail competition finds Desna having hope that she can escape Uncle Daddy's grasp. Also, Jennifer struggles knowing Desna's dark secret; Polly discovers her maternal instincts; and Dean may have found his first spark of romantic love.

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Desna stands in front of her bedroom mirror, practicing what she wants to tell Uncle Daddy. She, then, prays that he allows her to leave in peace and if not, that his soul be damned to Hell. Without warning, Dean walks into her room full-body naked as he asks for her opinion on whether his body was to artisitc standards. After telling him he was fine and to cover himself, Dean goes on to tell her that he plans to attend the event with Virginia, whom he perceives to be his girlfriend. Desna tries to call him back to no avail.


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