Episode Name is the numeral episode of Season Number of Claws. The episode was aired on Air Date on Network/Televising Service.


This will list the episode synopsis. Here, it has a brief summary of what is to come in this episode, in relation to one character, group, or location.


This section will explain everything that happens in the episode: the interaction between characters and groups[1], where characters come and travel to, events that transpire[2], and any essential information that is important to share here.


Memorable quotes said by characters in this episode are to be listed here.

"Memorable quote." --Character A
"Memorable quote." --Character B, to Character A
"Memorable quote." --Character A, about Character C


Shared images, screencaps, GIFs, or videos from the episode can be shared here.


  • Any information of or about this episode can be placed here.
  • Any information about characters or groups here.[3]
  • Any information from offscreen, by cast or crew, or confirmed by fans, can be aded here as well.[4]


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For the navbox for Claws Episodes, use the template {EpisodeNavigation} to provide navigation to other, similar articles of or about the episodes.

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