Dean Simms is the younger brother to Desna in Claws, protrayed by Harold Perrineau. He lives under the care of his sister due to his neurodivergence, falling on the autism spectrum.

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Dean is a tall, muscular man with black afro of hair and dark brown eyes.

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Dean sits at a table in the kitchen. As Desna walks in to change for the party, he presents his new drawing of their future house, in the background himself and her. He appreciates the impressions. Dean prepares for bed, saying a montra with Desna by his bedside.


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Desna receives a phone call from her neighbor Carl. When she learns that her brother is spray painting on a towering billboard by the highway, she rushes to the scene. She fails to convince Dean to talk through the trauma they faced in the past. She uses Virginia to persuade him to climb down, allowing him to draw one testicle on the faces.


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"That was then; this is now. That was there; this is here. That was yesterday; this is today. I'm Desna. I'm strong and capable, and I love shrimp." --Dean, to Desna. (Funerary)
"It would be weird if you were searching for a boyfriend when you have me." --Dean, to Virginia. (Escape)

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  • Dean knows how to speak Vietnamese, but does not know Spanish. (Quicksand, Batsh*t)
  • He has an IQ of 145, making him a genius or near-genius. (Quicksand)

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