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Clay Husser is the primary antagonist of Season One of Claws, played by Dean Norris. He is the owner of She She's and conducts operations through Dr. Ken Brickman's clinic; he is also the head of the Dixie Mafia.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

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Before New Years Edit

His introduction is in the backroom of She She's. He snorts a line of cocaine and enjoys a drink as he converses with Roller about business issues. As he consumes sour shrimp, Clay expresses disgust, spitting the food out and rinsing his mouth with alcohol. He calls out to Toby to get the caterer. As the caterer enter the room, Clay informs him that the food is bad; he then demands that the caterer eat two before having a glass smashed over his head.

Clay returns back to the conversation of business, Roller asking if he would give Desna her bonus.[1]

New Year, New Operations Edit

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Another Lost Husser Edit

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Finding the Killer Edit

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Personality Edit

Clay Husser has shown to be a man of Catholic faith as well as a man willing to commit sins for his own ideals. Despite his marriage to Juanda Husser, he would also enjoy some intimate moments with Toby.

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Appearances of Clay Husser

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They took my baby boy.
—Clay Husser[src]
Sweet Lazarus.
—Clay Husser[src]

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  • It could be implied that Clay has had an affair with Toby, as he makes a comment that he has seen his penis. [1]

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