Character Name is a character in Season on Claws. Some noticable traits or characteristics of or about the character. The character is played/protrayed by Actor Name.


The character has this kind of height, has a certain skin color or tone, a particular figure, shape, or form, and has this specific hair style or color. Other attributes or features that are commonly seen or mentioned can be listed here.[1]


The character has this personality, behavior, or attitude. The character can also act accordingly to certain characters or situations. Mention any changes or development about the character's personality too.[2]


Any information about the character's biography before/prior to the events of the show should be written here.

Season A

Episode A1

Information on the episode's plot, especially in relation to this character, should be written here.[3]

Episode A2

---episode info---

Season B

---season info---

Episode B1

---episode info---

Episode B2

---episode info---


"Memorable quote." --Character Name. (Episode A1)
"Memorable quote." --Character Name, to Chara/about Chara. (Episode B1)



  • Information the character mentioned in an episode proven interesting enough is to go here. (Episode A1)
  • Information of or about the character that has been made fact can be added too. (Episode A2)
  • Information about the character mentioned offscreen, from the cast, the crew, or the fans (confirmed) will be listed here as well.[4]


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For the navbox for Claws Characters, use the template {ClawsCharacters} to provide navigation to other, similar articles of or about the characters.

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