Batsh*t is the fifth episode in Season One of Claws. It was aired on July 9, 2017 on TNT.

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Desna and Jennifer may be Dr. Ken's only hope, as Bryce wrongly accuses him of a heinous crime. Dean sees a disturbing billboard ad that hits too close to home, leaving Desna to cope with the dark aftermath. Meanwhile, Virginia and Desna are forced to go to Polly for help to rid the world of two horrible birds from Desna's past, with one well-aimed stone.

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With a revenge-seeking Bryce speeding down the road with Kenneth in his trunk, he tells him to quiet down. His phone rings, Desna attempting to call him. He does not try to answer, letting it ring as he turns the music louder to mask the screams.

Desna contacts Jenn again, telling her that she cannot reach Bryce and assumes that he already kidnapped Ken. Jenn relies that Bryce is more than likely heading for Edgewood to execute him.


Returning to her apartment, Virginia receives an unexpected visit from Polly, whom presents her with cupcakes.


Driving to the house that their foster parents were selling, Desna and Dean approaches during their orientation for potential sellers. Upon first glance, the Coombses presented themselves in a unfamiliar tone, asking if they were interested in purchasing the house. Dean, however, begins to speak his mind, revealing some of the forms of mistreatment and abuse he and his sister endured under their care. This scares away the buyers, leaving the four alone to speak.

Changing attitude, Mrs. Coombs taunts and teases Dean and Desna over the past, especially targeting Dean. Though Desna threatens that she could attempt to report them, Mr. Coombs informs her that the state of Florida enjoys their presence before asking them to leave.

Rallied, Dean begins to pace the walkway, Desna trying to calm and comfort him and reassuring him that they could not do him harm. Though he tells her that they already have and that he was the one protecting her rather than the other way, Desna asks him what did he mean by this. Repeating "don't tell her" and avoiding his sister, he eventually tells her that while under their household, he was sexually assaulted and threatened that if he had told Desna, she would be assaulted as well.


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