Audrey is a minor character in Season One of Claws. She is a one-time cilent whom was invited to have manicures for her batchorette party at Desna's nail salon. She is played by Ginger Gonzaga.

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Upon first greet, Audrey encounters Desna Simms, complimenting her nail work and presenting it to her friends Kiki, Kelly, and Sarah. Amazed, they ask where her nails were styled. Desna informs them that the nails were self-crafted and that she could do the nails of her and her bridesmaids if they desired. They agree to be at Nail Artisan at four that day.

The women are treated well while they gossip and begin drinking wine. They enjoy their night with the Desna's crew, passing their reserved dinner to listen to the stories about the women's previous partners. Soon, the party moves to She She's, where Audrey and her friends drink heavily and dance on the stage.[1]

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