Arlene Branch is a supporting character in Season One of Claws. She is played by Suleka Mathew.

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She arrives with Chip Launderdale in Palmetto Plaza. Before they head down the strip mall to interview the shops, Arlene walks over and introduces herself to Quiet Ann, whom sits on a stool and smokes a cigarrette. Arlene tries to get Ann to spoke, informing her that the braided hair originated from Nigeria. Smiling, she leaves with Chip while Ann glances at her butt.

Later in the episode, she relaxes in She She's, having lunch while Chip talks to Uncle Daddy on whether or not she would be a threat to the Dixie Mafia. As they converse, Arlene glances over and appears alert.

No. 2 Edit

Arlene makes a brief appearance in the episode, engaging in sexual relations with Ann in the back seats of an unmarked police vehicle. Calling Desna over to the clinic, Ken warns that they may bee staked out. When she heads over to investigate, a startled Ann and Arlene turn to them in shock. She introduces herself to both Kenneth and Desna before they leave them be.

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Ann and Arlene have a picnic in the park on afternoon. They feast while Arlene tries to strike a conversation out of Ann, whom makes attempts to kiss her. Ann questions why she is persistent on asking about her personal life, to which she replies that she desires more from the relationship aside from sexual pleasure. There, it is revealed that Ann grew up in Palmetto with a brother that is smart. The two then share a kiss.

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On the boardwalk outside Roller's house, Arlene discovers a broken, bloodied nail between two planks, collecting it as evidence before she walks back.

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Arlene and Ann meet together for coffee. Unaware, she drinks her cup laced with a sedative. When she begins driving, she drifts to a numbing slumber, pulling to the side of the highway.

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"If we're going to make this work, I need to know more about you other than how you like your pussy licked." --Arlene, to Ann. (Escape)

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